Calcium propionate yeast

Probake CP  and CrystalPro calcium propionate is the most commonly used bread preservative globally. It  is an effective growth inhibitor of most molds and some bacteria. It is widely employed in bread and other yeast-based bakery goods to prevent mold and rope formation and to extend their normal shelf life. In addition, calcium propionate is preferred in rolls and bread because it contributes to the nutritional enrichment by supplying calcium. However, the calcium ions’ of calcium propionate interfere with the chemical leavening agents therefore Probake SP (sodium propionate) is suggested for non-yeast leaved bakery products.

Functions of sugar . Sugar is not considered an essential ingredient in bread baking. This is because flour contains a small amount of natural sugars and some starch is converted to sugar during the fermentation process. It does have many important of the added sugar is converted to carbon dioxide and alcohol by the yeast enzymes. It provides necessary sweetness, helps to produce a golden brown color of the crust, improves the textureof the crumb, helps to retain moisture in the crumb and adds to the nutritional value of the bread. High percentage of sugar as used in sweet doughs and Danish pastry doughs retard yeast is the reason why when increasing the percentage of sugar in doughs, the percentage of yeast must be increased by the same proportion.

Calcium propionate yeast

calcium propionate yeast


calcium propionate yeastcalcium propionate yeastcalcium propionate yeastcalcium propionate yeastcalcium propionate yeast