How much prami to take on tren

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My name is Catherine and I am 29 years old. Since I was a little girl as far back as I can remember I have always had exstream fatigue, I had problems in school with concentration and was always struggling stay focused, I had alot of trouble learning and was in special ed classes most my life. Because of these troubles I always thought I was ignorant or just mentally slow, I have always struggled with depression, anxiety and serious mood swings because of my lack of understanding, my seemingly lack of intelligence and my inability to focus, pay attention and socialize normally with my peers. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety but never with adhd or add, although I do believe that I am adhd, and I find myself even more so believing it because all of my children have been diagnosed with adhd aswell. The problem I am running into for myself is that I am a recovering addict, and drugs like adderall, ritalin, meth and stimulants of this sort were drugs that I used frequently, and i am not verry well educated on herbal remedies or synthetic replacements for prescription adhd drugs or any prescription drugs for that matter, so I could really use some help and opinions on the best place to start and the cheapest most successful method to begin with because Im not in a financial position were I can spend a whole lot of money, but I really am so tired of having all these symptoms day in and day out! The only thing I ask is that whoever gives advice or opinions to me please keep in mind that I am a recovering addict, so please direct me to the least likely method to effect my sobriety, that will still enable me to feel less exhausted, more focused and alert and less anxious and nervious in society! Please and thank you… sincerely Catherine

How much prami to take on tren

how much prami to take on tren


how much prami to take on trenhow much prami to take on trenhow much prami to take on trenhow much prami to take on trenhow much prami to take on tren