Pure testosterone

The process of muscle building is an outstanding method of achieving fitness by changing your original body texture with lines, organic strength, and curves. All it needs a right working out schedule! Muscle building process is a great experience that can give actually great advantages including greater strength, boost in self-confidence, lean muscle mass and an appealing physique just like bodybuilders. It’s a truth, muscle building is not a simple job as it takes your time, attention, dedication and proper discipline. Muscle building is extremely in favor with many health or fitness enthusiasts all around the world.

Though you may already be aware of potential side effects from testosterone abuse (note I said abuse and not use), here they are again: lowered HDL-cholesterol levels (good cholesterol), testicular atrophy, reductions in sperm count, prostate enlargement, liver damage (primarily with oral steroids that have been modified with a 17-alkyl substitution), menstrual irregularities, suppression of endogenous hormone levels (like LH and T), development of palpable breast tissue in men (also known as gynecomastia), clitoral enlargement, and acne.

Pure testosterone

pure testosterone


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