Test prop cycle results pics

Now, for optimum usage of the imploder, we shut the two valves leading to the bucket, connect hoses to the hose pipe branches sticking out at right angles, open the two hose pipe branch vlaves, pour water down both the pipes (keep them as short as possible - hers where its handy to have mounted your table/frame on wheels to move out into your garden, or simply lif onto trolly) - remember you don't want your pump sucking loads of air it tends to over-heat! Remeber the suction line and inlet line on opposite sides of your bath/container/barrel//pond pool etc.; or suction line at the bottom and inlet at the top...

The entire transformation architecture has been rewritten. Previously the x and y transformations where stored in the xaxis and yaxis instances. The problem with this approach is it only allows for separable transforms (where the x and y transformations don’t depend on one another). But for cases like polar, they do. Now transformations operate on x,y together. There is a new base class and two concrete implementations, and . The SeparableTransformation is constructed with the bounding box of the input (this determines the rectangular coordinate system of the input, ., the x and y view limits), the bounding box of the display, and possibly nonlinear transformations of x and y. The 2 most frequently used transformations, data coordinates -> display and axes coordinates -> display are available as and . See alignment_ which uses axes coords.

Explain to students that they just went through the littleBits Invention Cycle. They created a first prototype, Played with it to see how it worked, then Remixed it with adjustments, improvements, and perhaps tried a few totally different approaches. After a lot of experimentation and comparison, they got to Share their results with others, collecting feedback and inspiration. Lots of designers and engineers have a process they go through when inventing. This is the process the team at littleBits uses when they create new Bits and Kits. The students will also be using it when they complete their littleBits challenges.

Test prop cycle results pics

test prop cycle results pics


test prop cycle results picstest prop cycle results picstest prop cycle results picstest prop cycle results picstest prop cycle results pics