Test prop lifespan

23. Under no circumstances will I propose marriage or promise a date to my love interest immediately before going into combat, nor will I use the phrase "Hold this for me until I get back." Doing so is almost universally fatal.

24. If I should foolishly do one of the above and be near-fatally wounded rather than killed outright, I will seek medical attention BEFORE going to see said love interest. (Nobody's pineapple salad is THAT good.)

25. I will pick a single love interest, rather than string two or three of them along and set myself up for a tiresome series of misunderstandings and romantic mishaps.

26. My mech was hand-built by an eccentric (possibly deranged) old scientist. It contains a thousand different components, and a minor failure in any one of these could mean my death. I will bear these facts in mind before
sleeping with said scientist's only daughter.

27. Regardless of whether or not I was a newtype, I will stay the F**K away from mobile armors!

28. I will always keep in mind that the flashier the attack, the more likely it is to defeat my opponent.

29. I will insist on a drab uniform, because the side with the snazziest uniforms always looses.

30. I would confine my romantic activities to my summer job working the crowds at the Robot Carnival, where the worst that can happen is a bad VR trip or a slap to the face.

31. I'll be careful what I eat before training flights

32. Never antagonize anybody in a poncho. You don't know what he's got underneath it."

32. I refuse to have unsafe sex before missions that may involve dimensional weapons/time travel."

WARNING: Motor vehicles contain fuel, oils and fluids, battery posts, terminals and related accessories which contain lead and lead compounds and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. These chemicals are found in vehicles, vehicle parts and accessories, both new and as replacements. When being serviced, these vehicles generate used oil, waste fluids, grease, fumes and particulates, all known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.

The US Department of Justice is attempting to take its long-running legal battle with Microsoft over access to emails stored on foreign servers to the Supreme Court. After several delays, the Justice Department tonight filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to take its case. An appeals court previously ruled in favor of Microsoft, finding the the Justice Department couldn’t use a warrant to obtain messages from one of the company’s overseas data centers and would have to request the data through an international treaty process instead.

Test prop lifespan

test prop lifespan


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