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Regarding tonsillectomy: though I don’t that my daughter met all the criteria for ME/CFS, she certainly did meet many of them. The change in her mental and physical function has been so profound following tonsillectomy that I thought it worth mentioning. I will also talk with her pediatrician, with whom I had discussed tonsillectomy several times since Katie didn’t recover from mono 3 years ago…… she was totally against it……she sent us to a well-known pediatric neurologist in our area. After a typical minimal neurological exam and history, he told my daughter that she had chronic multiple migraines and ‘chronic fatigue’ and that she should get massage therapy, acupuncture, take some herbal supplements, exercise for 30 minutes daily, and get Botox injections that are now popular for migraine. My daughter thought this guy was a quack too – haha. I’m not saying that those therapies aren’t appropriate for some conditions, but they were totally inappropriate in this case. And, my daughter has had one migraine in her life and remembers it well….. tonsillectomy was a god-send! no headaches, runs 3-5 miles/day, vastly improved mood, decreased anxiety, better sleep of course. I’ve been in touch with some scientists/clinicians in the ME/CFS field and they are interested in this as a possible issue.

It was a new experience....i never thought such a small pill was powerful enough to hurt other people that it needed to be stored in a 20lbs metal container. The second i took the pill i got very dizzy. when i got home (no one could stay with me for 3 days and 5 days for children and pregnant women) i was tired and still dizzy until night time. my head started hurting SO BADLY! i thought i would die that night. i managed to fall asleep and the next day i had no migrane at all but my throat was swollen to the point where i was seriously choking on my own saliva. (i had a big thyroid...it was 5cm on one side and 4cm on the other). i was lucky enough it wasnt inside my throat cause it would've choked me.

Test prop night sweats

test prop night sweats


test prop night sweatstest prop night sweats