Test prop rash

The Lucky Craft Gunfish is a topwater bait that combines a "walk the dog" action with the splashing ability of a popper. The slim tapered body design delivers quiet landings and a unique action. The Lucky Craft Gunfish has a "walk the dog" action similiar to the Sammy, but uniquely different. The tapered body provides a tight walk that glides across the water, while the Sammy has a more sporadic action. When stopped, this bait can be twitched and popped to create a splashing, darting action. The resin/tungsten weighting system allows for long, accurate casts. Try this lure when conditions are prime for topwater but the fish are being stubborn. The Lucky Craft Gunfish will catch fish in those high pressure situations.

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  1. Abdullah Arif June 21, 2017 at 3:00 pm - Reply The reason for the slow typing was that I started entering my personal information in the fields provided above.

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    Test prop rash

    test prop rash


    test prop rashtest prop rashtest prop rashtest prop rash