Testo propionate xbs

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RAD140 or Testolone developed exclusively for medical purposes to cure various diseases such as muscle atrophy, acute and chronic illness leading to loss of muscle mass, including cancer state. This substance belongs to the class (AR) ligands, selective modulators whose operation is based on combining with the androgen receptors, with subsequent direct effects on muscle tissue. It is worth noting an important neuroprotective function, through which the neurons of the brain are protected from the various biochemical and physiological damage. This unique feature allows you to protect brain cells and promotes their adaptation to stimuli.
What is the effectiveness of RAD140?
is a powerful explosive effect that gives this Supplement. By virtue of his actions in this SARMs can be compared to anabolic steroids, but the efficacy of RAD140 in several times higher. In addition, Radarine does not cause any negative effects, does not affect the function of internal organs and does not cause violations of hormonal background.
RAD140 as any other SARMs, increases protein synthesis in the body, which assists to increase lean muscle mass. It should be noted functional characteristics such as increased strength, improved endurance, reduction of body fat and accelerated the restoration of destroyed muscle fibers.
Radarine (RAD140) in sports
Radarine received recognition from many professional athletes that are thoroughly focused on results. Such SARMs will be the absolute leader among sports supplements, to prepare for various competitions in any sport where you need strength, speed, stamina and quick recovery, and a neuroprotective function will be a key advantage.
Thanks to the wide specificity of the effects of RAD140 and its high potential, the main chemical substance this SARMs continue to study the leading scientists from countries all over the world.
Where to buy RAD140?
To place an order for unique SARMs - RAD140, You can in our online store, contact any of the contact numbers presented on our website. Purchase only quality and certified products, which cannot harm Your health!

RAD140 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS dosage:
Because the SARM RAD140 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS has a half-life of up to 48 hours, the dosage is only one dose of 30mg daily, preferably in the morning.   The income should be between 6 and 8 weeks.
RAD140 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS Possible side effects:
One should cautiously assume that the suppression of the body's testosterone production might be more severe or could be used more quickly than, for example, with LGD-4033rd   For safety, you should dose directly during the cycle Tamoxifen and definitely Zinc in the range 150mg.   Other side effects of RAD140 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS are not known at the moment, but since SARM is a very tissue-selective compound that binds almost exclusively to the androgen receptors in the skeletal muscle tissue, no drastic side effects are to be expected.

Testo propionate xbs

testo propionate xbs


testo propionate xbstesto propionate xbs