Tren ace gh15

Please understand Tren cycles of this nature are very dangerous, they are hard on your heart and blood pressure and if you desire to remain safe they are not something you will ever want to mess with; we have simply made you aware of what some do but this does not mean you should do it to. The reality is very simple, there is hardly a man out there no matter how far advanced that needs more than 100mg of Trenbolone every other day; we can however make an exception of making this dose daily the last 10-14 days before a bodybuilding competition for a hardening affect but thats it.

you never give up! no matter what you see in the mirror after 11 days ,, you dont just say oh im tired of this,, you will see a lot in the mirror after lefit gh been in your blood for 11 days but! 11 days is not enough time to create body compsition change it takes some more time,, this is 120 days here that you should start ,, then will go to phase 4 which will polish the physiqe and bring it to competition level ,, not stage ready but pretty much 2 weeks out ,, i dont think yuo need it for every day life....but in general if you can get to look 200+ 6% on every day life at 5'10 or under no one will mistaken you for anything other than bodybuilder and you will be the best in your city in most cases,,

Tren ace gh15

tren ace gh15


tren ace gh15tren ace gh15