Tren injection redness

A distinction should be made between electromagnetic sensitivity, and symptoms an individual labels as such. Researchers have failed in proving that those claiming sensitivity to electromagnetism can accurately determine the presence of a strong electromagnetic field. Nevertheless, the perceived symptoms are real for the patient, and should be honored as such, or until it can be demonstrated that they are psychosomatic or have some other physical source. Many people who meditate, for example, perceive energy movements in their body and learn to work with these. But a second distinction must be made between those who successfully work with unusual psychological states and these who find them debilitating. For the later, either drugs or meditative practice may or may not be helpful. Overcoming, defusing, or sublimating debilitating mental states is never easy.

Re: Numbness in injection site I don't feel that you have compartment syndrome either. I still feel that you just irritated the nerve. Usually those things clear up pretty fast, but you can have them linger for weeks. Just as you can have an inject that leaves a lump for weeks, you can have the same thing happen with the nerve having pressure on it that causes some numbness. It will go away with time. I came down pretty hard on your MD. I shouldn't have said that. I'm sure he is quite competent. The whole truth is that for many symptoms, MD's don't really know what is wrong. They have an idea that it may be one thing and when they treat it, it doesn't get better so they assume it must be another problem. They switch treatment protocols and see if that works. Eventually they either solve the problem, or the body just heals itself and they take credit. Is this a great profession or what? If you have ever watched 'House' the TV show, you can see how they make 5 wrong diagnoses before they finally solve the riddle and save the patient.

Tren injection redness

tren injection redness


tren injection rednesstren injection redness